High School Admission Test Prep

Test-specific classes that prepare students for admission into private, boarding, specialized, or magnet high schools.

Reading & Writing for Standardized Tests

A comprehensive course aimed at teaching students the reading and writing skills necessary for success not only on both the SAT and ACT, but also in college.

Reading & Writing Test Review (school-year only)

Weekly courses for students who need more test-taking practice than lecture and want to prepare for an upcoming test date. (Recommended for students who have already taken the Reading & Writing Course).

Essay | Read, Analyze & Write (RAW)

  • Students’ essays should demonstrate an understanding of the passage and use evidence from the passage to support an effective, well-written analysis of how the author builds an argument to persuade an audience.
  • Students will be instructed to focus their discussion on the passage’s most relevant features. Essays should make purposeful, selective, substantive use of quotations and paraphrases in a way that supports students’ analysis.
  • Students’ essays are evaluated in terms of reading, analysis, and writing.

FLEX (school-year only)

A flexible, non-lecture-based Test Prep program designed to allow students to work on proprietary material at their own pace.

SAT I Math

A comprehensive math course that covers the topics and concepts that appear on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

SAT Subject Test

  • Review-based preparatory courses for the SAT Subject Tests.
  • Please contact Center for course availability.

AP Test Prep

  • AP Test Prep courses provide both introductory and review classes for students planning to take AP Tests in May.
  • Please contact Center for course availability.

NY Times

Reading the newspaper can be both an enlightening and formidable task. The goal of this workshop is to make it more of the former and less of the latter. Ultimately, we want to make reading the newspaper a lifetime habit for students. Classes are divided into different groups based on grade levels.

High School Science

Subject-specific classes that introduce and/or reaffirm the science course students will take in school.

Middle School & High School Math

Subject-specific classes that introduce and/or reaffirm the math course students will take in school.

Competition Math

Classes for students who are aiming to participate in math competitions such as AMC, AIME, and USAMO.

Private Group Sessions

For students who prefer not to study in a large class or have a particular school-specific subject to study. Study Groups in various subjects can be arranged by each Center depending on space and instructor availability.

Private Tutoring

One-on-one private tutoring can be arranged for most grade school, junior high, and high school subjects depending on availability of tutors.